The Alvarado Vocabulario


Fray Francisco de Alvarado’s Vocabulario en Lengua Misteca was published in 1593 at the Mexico City printing house of Pedro Balli. It consists of a title page, ten pages of introductions written by various church officials (the Dean and Council of the Archbishoporic of México, the Dominican friars Gabriel de San Joseph, Antonio de los Reyes, Alvarado himself), and a 204 folio (408 page) Spanish-to-Mixtec dictionary. The dialect recorded in Alvarado’s text is primarily that used around the town of Teposcolula in the Mixteca Alta. Alvarado (and his mentor Antonio de los Reyes) focused on documenting the Teposcolula dialect because they felt that it was “more universal and clear, the best understood in all of the Mixteca.’ For more information, see the Introduction to the Alvarado Vocabulario Ã’udzavui tutorial.

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Ñudzavui / Dominican

14.5 cm x 19.6 cm